In the early 1980's my wife and I purchased a small farm on the corner of two country roads with the thoughts of developing the land, being a Real Estate Broker and developer since 1970. At the time we purchased the farm my wife Barb announced that she had always wanted a horse. Having been raised in the Historic town of Gettysburg, PA it was virtually impossible to have a horse in town.

Wanting very much to fulfill my wife's desire I made mention of this to a client who raised cutting horses. A few days later we received a call that he had a nice horse available named Sailors Abbey, a daughter of Doc Sailfish by Doc Bar. Having minimal riding experience and no performance riding experience Barb and I went to try the horse. When we arrived at the indoor arena, a beautiful deep red sorrel mare with a blaze and socks was led over to us.

I was then asked if I knew how to ride and my pride would not let me say no. I bounced up on her and started walking off and before I knew it we were at a trot. The need to secure myself on her by squeezing my legs brought us to a full gallop! As the gallop got faster, the circles got bigger. On one of my trips past the owner standing by the fence, he mentioned that I might want to push the horn and take my legs away from her sides. I did so immediately and after seeing her stop I was most appreciative of the advice of pushing the horn.

Well that was it, we purchased the mare for Barb and she began riding lessons. Now there was the need for me to have a horse so we purchased a six year old gelding, again by Doc Sailfish from the same gentleman. When I went to pick him up, having never seen a horse work a cow I watched this gentleman work his cutting horse. I became very excited about this sport. It was mentioned to me that the gelding I had just purchased, though limited, was a trained cutting horse. Needless to say in a few short weeks I was in the cutting pen.

Since then we have been very active in the cutting horse industry both in the East and the West. We continued with our love of cutting, showing approximately 15 years, and acquired numerous mares of excellent breeding with the intent to produce quality performance horses.

In the mid 90's we acquired a small ranch near Weatherford TX and moved our operation west in an effort to be closer to more of the high quality studs.

Though I still show, our focus has become to breed the best quality performance horse and to make them available where they will have the best chance to compete. We are now offering quality weanlings and yearlings as well as trained aged event horses.

Marty & Barb Miller

Miller Performance Horses - Weatherford, TX